Acuative Products

Acuative manufactures custom products that merge the broadest data bank of on-site knowledge and network service experience with the finest product engineering intelligence available. The results: a family of IP-enabled interactive kiosks and a powerful out-of-band monitoring device.

After 32+ years supporting many industries and environments, Acuative’s wide range of insights into our clients’
IT challenges has driven the innovative thinking at our R&D facility to create products that help manage evolving technologies, maximize network investments and anticipate future growth.

Acuative's Versatile Information Portal (VIP)
Versatile Information Portal (VIP)

The Acuative Versatile Information Portals (VIP) takes self- service and in-store assistance to a whole new level. Combining traditional self-service functionality with integrated voice and sound, the VIP provides an all in one interactive kiosk.Learn More

PremGate Remote Access Manager

Acuative's PremGate

PremGate Remote Access Manager provides integrated in-band and-out-of-band access to remote systems and devices to

help you securely, reliably and flexibly manage them. It proactively monitors systems and devices and offers real-time alerts...Learn More