About Us


Acuative has made its mark in both the private and public sectors supporting multi-location, multi-country, geographically dispersed networks with up to thousands of sites.

Our client portfolio includes a diverse set of industry leaders, of which nearly one third are Fortune 500 companies, and is a reflection of the quality and superior service we deliver, along with our ongoing commitment to excellence.

Acuative's multi-location, geographically dispersed network coverage

Being Acuative

Acuative Service begins when we make our clients’ goals and concerns our own.

It meets your deadlines.
It exceeds your expectations.
It evolves in the spirit of partnership.
It continues for as long as you need support.

Without this depth of commitment, technical capabilities and technology, no matter how advanced, are not enough.

Acuative delivers more. We do whatever it takes to provide the highest quality answers, solutions and results.

That means you can count on us to give you our best and to meet your networking needs with exceptional creativity, ingenuity and skill.

Every time.

–Vincent A. Sciarra, CEO