Cloud Telephony

Streamline Voice Communication

Today's shoppers seek real-time information on inventory availability, promotions and service issues. Empower your associates to give your customers what they want with the simple touch of a button on your retail phone system. With Acuative's Cloud Telephony - a private, hosted solution designed specifically to centralize all aspects of retail voice communication - you can do just that.

Acuative Cloud Telephony was designed using our extensive experience in solving voice and data networking challenges for multi-location retailers. It puts your voice communication in the cloud so you can more easily, cost effectively and reliably connect your customers and stores to the resources they need - whether it's the distribution center or customer service. You can also easily add new stores or pop-up locations without the expense of additional phone lines.

Maximize Your Voice Communication Investment

Acuative's retail team understands the complexity involved with seamlessly integrating communication among multiple locations and departments. We assist with planning and implementing a customizable telephony system that gives you the flexibility, reliability and magnitude of features you require.

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Key Benefits

  • Reduces cost of analog phone lines and capital investment for on-site telephony systems
  • Simplifies store-to-customer, store-to-store and store-to-corporate communication
  • Eliminates need to purchase and manage multiple phone lines and 800 numbers
  • Connects remote workforce
  • Reduces missed phone calls from customers and partners
  • Speeds set up of pop-up stores without the expense of a phone line
  • Decreases associate phone system training time and costs

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