Help Desk Services

Supporting your network and computer users – the Acuative outsourced help desk alternative.

Acuative help desk servicesAcuative’s specialized services help regain and maintain control over user support, allowing your telecommunications and information technology staff to focus on their other network priorities.

Based in the 24/7/365 Global Technology Center, Acuative technical teams, processes and technology increase responsiveness to network users, identify trends and training needs, and ultimately deliver day-to-day responsive service to those who rely on your network.

Help Desk Services include:

  • Telecommunications and Network Support
  • Technical support to telecommunications and network administrators for industry standard network equipment, operating systems, and software applications
  • Standard Application Support
  • Technical support for standard off-the-shelf software solutions
  • Proprietary Application Support
  • If your application is non-proprietary, Acuative provides support after you provide training to the help desk staff
  • For more complex proprietary applications, Acuative reduces the number of calls escalated to your internal departments by filtering end-user support calls and providing answers to the top ten questions based on your standard responses for those issues
  • Hardware Diagnosis
  • First line support for field personnel, internal staff, and warranty repair and replacement order processing

Help Desk Services feature:

  • Customized toll free number and greeting providing a seamless extension of your internal telecommunications and information technology departments
  • Internet call tracking to retrieve and view call tickets in real time
  • Permission-based remote control software assistance for faster, more effective response