Interview with Carlo Moujaes, EVP - March 2023


Carlo MoujaesCarlo Moujaes, Executive Vice President for Acuative Middle East, has been part of the Acuative management team for nearly 10 years. The marketing team recently sat down with Carlo to learn more about his background and priorities for the year. 

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Carlo, please can you tell us a little about your background and work history?

I studied criminal justice in the US, then worked in finance and insurance, with Bank Of America, and the Principal Financial Group. I moved to Saudi Arabia in 1997, working for Lucent Technologies and Avaya.

20 years ago I set up the ThruPoint business and offices in the Middle East. With the Acuative acquisition the business grew and diversified further. 

What is the focus for IT decision makers in the Middle East?

With focus on revenues, and user satisfaction, IT decision makers are focusing on agility, optimum performance, cloud anchoring, and security. 

A lot of these initiatives are driving the AAS' models across all platforms and departments, driving the push for managed services, that are currently thriving in the region.

How can Acuative help meet those goals?

Acuative has been focused on providing state of the art technology platforms and services. We believe in optimizing ways to deliver IT services in the most efficient and secure manner, will help customers focus on driving their businesses. 

The talent pool Acuative has amassed during the years is unmatched. We can help by assessing your infrastructure needs, optimizing your network, while reducing your capex and opex costs.”