Retail & Hospitality

Leveraging Technology to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Innovative technology solutions are key to delivering transformative guest experiences.

As retailers and hospitality organizations seek new sources of revenue and value-added services, greater supply chain collaboration and improved utilization of vital information, they are implementing technology to enable mission-critical mobility, unified communications, store automation and in-store media, all to achieve their cross-channel vision.

Experience you can count on.

Offering a complete range of retail enterprise technology services and products designed to ease your transition to new technologies, Acuative enables retailers and restaurateurs to transform their network by utilizing a single source provider for reliable wall-to-wall support of store systems. 

Are you ready to cut costs and increase revenue?

Acuative helps you be ready for the future with flexible modular components to plan, deploy, monitor and maintain reliable voice, data, video, POS and your other technology systems. Whether you are considering changes to your stores’ network, grappling with the technical demands of opening new locations, looking to boost revenue with temporary locations, adding guest Wi-Fi or integrating digital media, Acuative can help – quickly and reliably.

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