Service Contract Administration Client Testimonials

"Thank you for the information and setting this up. Moreover, thank you for the hard work you put into sorting this out. It will be really easy next year!"

IT Supervisor, Software Provider

"As a public agency we do have an obligation to solicit competitive pricing, but after years and years of really not having to think about Cisco maintenance it would be hard to compete against your level of service.  I couldn't even get a quote response from one vendor...

I'm truly impressed to see how Prism has grown from an independent agency to become a part of Acuative, all the while maintaining incredible levels of service. Congratulations to you on a job well done and congratulations to Acuative for ensuring that you have the resources and independence required to grow accordingly. 

Far too many M&A activities don't have your customer service success."

Network Services Manager, Public Sector

"Wow you are awesome! You did in two hours what I was trying to get out of the other vendors for weeks!

Thank you!"

Network Architect, Enterprise

"Please pass along to the entire team my thanks for the manner in which Acuative conducts its business and takes care of its customers. You have gone the extra mile for us in terms of pricing as well as getting things covered, consolidated and straightened out. Many thanks."

Network Architect, Healthcare

"Thanks so much for your powerful assistance. From my Cisco account page, all applicable contracts are visible, and I was able to access/add to cart software downloads for our WLCs. Great job!"

Network Administrator, Education

"Thanks for the continuous rock star service level this year and all previous years. Despite continued growth you all have managed to maintain awesome service at a price that's unmatched."

Network Services Manager, Education

"Your commitment to weekly calls is an exemplary example of the importance of maintaining that constant communication during the year so at the time of renewal there are no surprises, the inventory is clean, and they are ready to submit their order on time and before the expiration date avoiding any lapses in coverage.

Thanks again for doing a great job this year with the customer. You and Prism have certainly displayed a great example of a how a solid partnership between the Customer, Cisco and a Partner should work!"

Service Account Manager, Cisco Systems

"Your staff has supported me very well over the last three years. We have many asset changes and wrinkles that need to be addressed on an ongoing basis. You have always risen to the challenge and continually keep our SMARTnet contracts in order."

Operations Manager, Financial Services

"Your professionalism as a company really impressed me. As long as I have this position I will insure that you always get the opportunity to compete for our SMARTnet business."

Network Manager, Publishing

"Thank you so much for your help…it was vital we got that piece of equipment repaired that day, and you made it happen…Thank you!"

IT Supervisor, Manufacturer