In the midst of today’s rapid fire technological evolution, delivering effective and efficient IT service management to a diverse set of organizations can become a precarious balancing act.

With a global track record assisting all type of companies, including many on the Fortune 500 list, Acuative is ready to deliver a comprehensive, robust suite of services designed specifically to help you build capability, improve service and transform your business. 

Services include: 

  • Strategic Assessment Services - Best practice ITSM frameworks and standards are leveraged to assess your needs and build actionable plans and roadmaps in order to improve, optimize and mature your services capabilities. 
  • Policy and Process Services - We capture and refine your requirements and use cases and then use these to design and implement policies, processes, procedures and workflows to achieve predictable results and desired outcomes. 
  • Functional Alignment Services - Organizational roles and responsibilities are examined in the context of business and operational functions to produce and execute actionable plans which optimize and streamline resource allocations and process execution. 
  • IT Service Management (ITSM) Tool Services -  Your ITSM tool and system requirements establish the lens through which your current state ITSM tools and systems are analyzed to plan the most effective ways to provide and manage technical services. We then produce the design specifications which we can implement or handoff to your in-house team for implementation. 
  • Analytic and Reporting Services - Use these services to rapidly identify and address data quality issues, build data analyst competency, design process KPIs, prototype and implement reports, and improve how you communicate value, quality, performance, and compliance to the business.

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