The Acuative Approach

The Acuative Approach to Contract Administration

We first need to submit a consent form to Cisco Systems and then we can start the analysis of your contracts. We collect and organize the facts about your network, assets and the current state of your contracts.

Click here for consent form. Please complete and fax to us at 847-444-0470. A team member will acknowledge receipt of your consent form and follow up with you to start the process.

Part 1 - Research

  • Contract and asset discovery - We research every aspect of your current contracts, making sure we cover every asset and fix any errors, such as assets that are double covered or not covered at all.
  • Review locations - Every asset is accounted for at its current location.
  • Identify co-term opportunities - We will we identify co-term opportunities that will simplify your contract maintenance.
  • Review current levels of maintenance coverage - We dig into the coverage that was attached to each asset at the beginning of the contract.
  • Compare accuracy with you - Once we have made our initial analysis, we will review our findings with you to ensure that the information is accurate.
  • Determine how to simplify your maintenance contracts - We will help you simplify your contract data by adding missing assets and/or deleting old, unused assets, eliminating any duplicate coverage and coordinating contract start and end dates, making asset management easier.
  • Add personalized asset labels - We also help you organize your assets by adding personalized labels that include such information as IP address, domain name, building, floor and wiring closet detail.

Part 2 – Determine Right Coverage and Recommend Best Options

We ask the right questions and then provide succinct recommendations and a competitive quote for the coverage best suited to meet your business needs.

  • How are you administering maintenance?
  • How many locations and where are they?
  • What assets are at each location?
  • Are your technicians available at all sites?
  • What levels of service are needed?
  • Do you upgrade IOS software annually?
  • What is the best balance of coverage, response time and costs?

Part 3 - Ongoing Support via the secure Contract Administration Portal

You will have access to your own Contract Administration Portal, available
24 hours a day, 7 days week, to keep your contracts simple. This secure web-based portal puts everything related to your contract maintenance
at your fingertips. View and manage any changes to your network anytime!

Contract Administration Portal features include:

  • Search or sort contracts by product, serial number, location, asset labels
    and more
  • Export custom reports as .pdf or .xls file
  • Request asset or contract changes:
  • Add or delete assets
  • Edit serial number
  • Update asset's location
  • Track change request status
  • Track detailed service requests
  • Track credits
  • Resources for contacts, training, terms & conditions, and additional support

Contact Us

The Service Contract Administration team is ready to help with comprehensive review, planning, and ongoing administration of all of your contracts.

Making Smart Net Total Care simple is our mission!

Phone: 847-580-4050
Fax: 847-444-0470

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