Wireless Access

Connectivity Without Limits

Whether you're adding new stores or pop-up locations, you need connectivity back to your retail network. Traditional access through T1 or DSL poses some challenges such as network delays, lengthy technical assessments, or expensive installation and maintenance costs. In today's flexible retail environment, you need a reliable and fast connectivity solution that can be installed quickly and gives you the ability to use tablets, kiosks and other mobile technology on the floor.

Fast Provisioning

Acuative's Wireless Last Mile offers rapid deployment of reliable and secure high bandwidth access. This cost-effective solution can serve as your primary connection or as back-up and is also ideal for temporary locations.

For more information regarding Wireless Last Mile Access, call 1-888-835-7687 or email us at info@acuative.com.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates connectivity delays
  • Adds new stores and pop-up locations quickly
  • Decreases risks of network failure
  • Lowers equipment maintenance costs
  • Effective primary or back-up access