Acuative consults, builds, implements and manages solutions we know and have experience delivering.

By combining deep cross-domain expertise and experience with core capabilities and proven methodologies, we enable our clients to succeed with advanced technology. 

Acuative provides thought leadership with the highest quality, experienced, and certified practitioner SME’s in the industry.  Our consultants have experience solving business transformation and operations issues, understanding business requirements, total cost of ownership, design validation, technology evaluation and proof of concept testing in the Digital Transformation Era.  We have a network of globally based consultants that can solve your business issues whether they are global, regional, or locally focused.

Taking giant steps toward your future.

Nothing is more powerful than a vendor-neutral trusted partner who can help you build the right Wide Area Networking strategy and implementation plan while avoiding the pitfalls.

Whether it’s helping you develop a compelling business case with financial due diligence or ensuring the new WAN design is fit for use, Acuative’s WAN architecture and engineering experts are there to help you with robust and scalable designs.

We handle the end-to-end process of identifying, evaluating and selecting the best-in-class WAN solutions, including Software Defined Wide Area Networking, SD-WAN, and Distributed Network Functionality Virtualization (D-NFV), based on your requirements. 

Services include:

  • Strategy & Planning -  A rapid and cost effective service for understanding, generating and/or validating WAN strategy in the context of your specific business needs

  • TCO Modeling & Analysis – Modeling and comparative analysis of ownership costs of traditional vs. specific virtual WAN scenarios.

  • Application Mapping & Profiling – Dependency mapping and performance benchmarking of your critical applications and services.

  • Solution Design – Development and/or validation of your virtual WAN solution design and specification in the context of our unique requirements.

  • Technology Evaluation – Turnkey RFI/P/Qs and technology bakeoffs using your requirements and our methodology and tools to quickly and completely evaluate and prioritize solutions objectively.

  • Technology Pilot – Turnkey virtual WAN pilots from planning and design through PoC and acceptance.

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