Acuative builds and cultivates alliances with multiple industry-leading technology providers, manufacturers and service providers. Leveraging these relationships affords us priority access to the latest technologies, advanced training and preferred pricing, and allows us to bring you the most relevant and innovative solutions available to help solve your business challenges.

We continue to create and grow new relationships, which allow us to deliver additional solutions to you, including Hardware & Software, Ongoing Support & Maintenance plus Network Procurement.

    Hardware & Software

    Acuative procures and supports a wide range of best-in-class products from industry leading manufacturers.

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    Making Your Company More Agile
    Building IT capabilities that optimize business performance can be challenging. Business alignment is vital, so sustaining IT agility amid evolving corporate objectives is a must.

    Aging infrastructure and legacy systems can make keeping pace a challenge. Now visualize engaging a partner who can make your company more agile and ease the integration of technology.

    Acuative procurement services offer multiple advantages that can streamline sourcing and enhance your bottom line:

    • An improved ability to respond to changing organizational objectives 
    • Better cost containment, efficiency and enhanced purchase visibility 
    • Infrastructure that’s future-ready and poised for what’s next
    • One-stop shopping
    • Flexible financial programs that make IT sourcing more affordable and manageable
    • Collective buying power allows us to negotiate best pricing
    • We identify and address end-of-life (EOL) and end-of-sale (EOS) situations to proactively plan for changes that may impact your environment’s effectiveness

    Areas of Expertise

    • Hardware and software add-ons for existing infrastructure
    • Refreshing outdated hardware, software and other components
    • Comprehensive infrastructure platform and systems design and replacement 
    • Network services from range of service providers
    • Building best-of-breed technology solutions with industry leaders.

    Service Contract Administration

    We’ve got you covered.

    Gaps in hardware service coverage, inaccurate asset information, or insufficient response times can suddenly become roadblocks at the worst possible time: when you need to repair a business-critical network asset.

    Rely on Acuative’s experienced service contract administrators to ensure that your network assets are properly covered and that you get the right level of support — exactly when and where you need it.

    You can trust Acuative to assess, plan, quote and implement the maintenance plan from Cisco and other leading manufacturers that makes the most sense for your network and your budget. We analyze your needs, track your specifics, site by site, manage the renewals and make any changes you may need to ensure that all your network assets are covered.

    Whether your business has a few network devices, or thousands, let Acuative handle your service contract administration to reduce your risk of network problems while saving time and money.

    • Increase uptime, reduce equipment failures and protect revenue
    • Simplify coordination of multiple contract termination dates – eliminate confusion, exposure and budget issues
    • Plan and budget accurately for equipment replacement costs – no surprises
    • Seamless coverage of all of your sites across your entire network, even those that are geographically dispersed

    Service Administration

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    Network Services

    Acuative offers a wide range of network service globally – broadband, Ethernet, Ethernet MPLS, and wireless - from major service providers and/or aggregators. We feature complete support for planning, installation, and management of your circuits, including consolidated billing on one invoice.



      Adding 5G technologies to existing network architectures will not only allow businesses to modernize, but it will disrupt entire industries. 5G capabilities unlock new business models, revenue streams, and provide service differentiation. Acuative can help optimize your network and minimize risks during your 5G deployment. Here are some examples how:

      Healthcare: As healthcare organizations continue to innovate and digitize operations, the amount of data usage and transfer continues to increase. 5G is expected to help hospitals and other health providers meet these growing demands, and help with things such as the quick transmission of large files, the expansion of telemedicine, and the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI). 

      Financial Services: 5G is poised to help banks and other finance companies deliver new, innovative services, such as wearable technology, secure and instant data transfer, or financial recommendation software through AI. The low latency, high data capacity and reliability of forthcoming networks will help create a new platform for the delivery of services – virtually wherever the customer is. 

      Retail: Innovative trends and personalization are reshaping what many people expect now when entering a store or building, and retail companies need a network that can handle the amount of data now required. Adding 5G technology to an existing network architecture can help power new offerings that many retailers are beginning to provide, such as VR and AR, futuristic dressing rooms, and personalized improvements to the hospitality industry. 

      Manufacturing: The factories of the future – smart factories – will be filled with sensors, each monitoring different aspects of the working environment. They’ll also feature connected tools, using information ranging from location to accelerometer data to understand where and how they’re being used, to guide workers accordingly. 5G’s high capacity, wireless flexibility and low-latency performance make it a natural choice to support manufacturers in these environments.