Through the inevitable challenges and changing dynamics of a large rollout, particularly those encompassing large domestic or global geographies, Acuative project managers maintain tight control of the entire implementation process and ongoing day-to-day operational needs.

Their playbook features reliable and standardized processes and tools in keeping with industry best practices and Acuative’s quality program, ASE, to develop and execute high-quality rollout strategies for all of your sites.

Our PMI-certified project managers coordinate directly with all Acuative teams involved in supporting your project - field service teams, technical support teams, outside vendors, and other internal departments, from the initial order process through the successful test and verification of the service. Eliminating information silos and fostering collaboration, the project manager makes the all the connections necessary to streamline the implementation while keeping you apprised through every phase of the project:

  • Planning
  • Initiation 
  • Monitoring
  • Execution
  • Closing

Acuative’s project management ensures successful fulfillment of your project’s Scope of Work and overall satisfaction. 



One of the primary considerations in service selection is the vendor’s ability to provide quality, consistent and cost-effective support. Acuative’s Field Service Technicians are the foundation of our service business. They are the face of our company to our customers and we take that very seriously. Acuative Field Service Technicians are employees of the company. This allows a superior level of control over the qualities of our people, including their experience, tools, training, and an overall corporate culture that is committed to providing superior service, each and every day.  

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  • Multi-level field management in each of 4 regional districts ensures control and accountability
  • District Managers – responsible for entire district
  • Technical Site Supervisors – responsible for group of Technical Site Specialists
  • Lead Technical Site Specialist – complex resolutions; SMEs


  • Well-rounded Employee based  technical site specialists with an average tenure of seven years
  • Experienced in a wide variety of technologies 
  • Many hold FAA, DOD, DOJ and  top secret security clearances  
  • Cisco red badge
  • Cisco Certified Technicians (CCT)


  • Specialized equipment to test many types of network technologies at several levels 
  • Full complement of tools and cable kits  
  • Communication devices: Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA), laptop, cell phone and internet access
  • Acuative van and uniforms
  • Spare parts


  • Our InsidEdge Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System dynamically routes technicians based on skill set, spares, SLA and location
  • Specialists use an EDA to download jobs and customer information,  bar coding, signature capture and modem access   
  • GPS Tracking
  • Real-time order submission and updating


  • Formal regimen of ongoing classroom and hands-on lab coursework 
  • Customer service and soft skills
  • Specific client process training  


  • Trained to find and solve the problem – trouble resolution not trouble isolation 
  • Ability to test and troubleshoot circuits and coordinate resolution with the service provider
  • Ability to test and replace faulty cabling during the service call


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