Acuative utilizes a wide range of technical skills, management tools, industry best practices and processes that enable us to proactively view and manage the latest technologies for delivering voice, video and data while containing costs and alleviating risk.

PremWatch® monitoring and management is designed to support a wide range of industry leading wireline and wireless equipment solutions. By leveraging our infrastructure management solutions, you will discover a cost effective, non‐disruptive solution that delivers:

  • Customized programs to provide end‐to‐end support for your routers, switches, voice systems, servers, applications and network circuits
  • Effective incident, problem and change management
  • Detection and management of components of your underlying infrastructure ‐ performance, availability, flow, capacity, application response, and more
  • Identification of performance threats before business is impacted
  • Prediction of future capacity needs through effective monitoring and data collection, aggregation and tracking including scalable polling and massive data storage
  • Improved end‐user performance
  • Optional architecture design and development, hardware procurement, on‐site field service, enhanced reporting, and service contract administration
  • Fixed price programs with monthly charges that eliminates up‐front, capital expenses and simplifies budgeting


Acuative offers an outsourced help desk alternative that provides technical support to your population of network and computer users. Our services will help you to regain control over your user support and give you the freedom to focus your IT and network staff on their core competencies.

Our people, processes and technology give you the information to identify trends and anticipate training needs, increase responsiveness to your internal customers, and ultimately help you provide quality service to those you service every day. Service desk functions include:

  • Network Support
  • Application Support
  • First-line support for field personnel and their network and computer hardware.
  • Warranty repair/replacement order processing
  • First-line support for internal employees and their hardware.
  • Dispatching an on-site technician from your internal IT department, Acuative Technical Site Specialist or a 3rd party service provider
  • Customized 800 Number and Greeting 
  • Internet Call Tracking Access
  • Remote Control Assistance
  • Proprietary Application Support

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network operations video

client portal

One of the ways we provide you full visibility is through our state-of-the-art portal, giving you access when you need it to track everything in real-time. 

Acuative's web portal enables clients to submit orders, view and track their orders, as well as run detailed reports.

The Client Portal utilizes a sophisticated security architecture, which allows clients to create and manage their own company user accounts. A user account may have full or partial rights to various features of the site.


A scrolling report includes:

  • Live Ticket Data
  • Shows Assigned Technician
  • Refresh On Demand
  • Row Selection Displays Ticket Data (Order Tracking)

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Acuative enables US government agencies to achieve and sustain compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). Acuative has been evaluated by independent assessors for a variety of government systems as part of their system owners’ approval process. Acuative has helped federal agencies expand cloud computing use cases and deploy sensitive government data and applications in the cloud while complying with the rigorous security requirements of federal standard.



Payment protection you can trust

Protecting digital cardholder data requires adherence to all of the PCI DSS data security standards. Acuative undergoes annual, independent auditing against all of the PCI DSS protocols required for Level 1 compliance to maintain placement on VISA’s list of approved vendors. We’ll make it easy to stay up to date with patches, and give you options for encrypted cloud backup with real disaster recovery capabilities. Whether you’re running your applications in the cloud or on co-located servers, don’t take chances on a data breach of cardholder information.
Penalties for non-compliance and losing consumer trust are never good outcomes. That’s why there’s no substitute for proactive diligence. We’re here to be your watchdogs.