Acuative's identity and access management solution allows companies to administer and manage user accounts and resources on the company network.

Identity and access includes functionality to manage the identity of a user on the network. It is mainly a question of authenticating the users on the network and being able to ensure the traceability of the rights requested by the user on the network, one refers here to the authorizations. It will be for the end user to prove their identity on the network.

The traditional method is to combine the use of a username and password. The other (authentication) method is to combine storage and physical media. This will include a badge, mobile phone, token, fingerprint, etc. The latter are very often considered as forms of strong authentication or of a two-factor authentication method.

Authorization & Access Rights

In addition to authentication, the authorization / access rights part plays a key role in Identity and Access Management. Authorization determines what elements (resources) a user can access in the network. These resources include: systems, applications, printers, sharing, etc. If the authentication procedure is rather simple, the authorization procedure uses a set of often complex rules. Access rights on the corporate network are allocated according to the position / function occupied by each user.

The authentication and access rights aspects of users on the network are key elements of identity and access management. The IAM software is equipped with functionalities allowing the user to rationalize all the procedures relating to the management of authentication and authorization. These features allow in particular.

All the products in the range of software developed by Acuative can be used in all of the aforementioned fields.