Nothing is more powerful than a vendor-neutral trusted partner who can help you build the right Wide Area Networking strategy and implementation plan while avoiding the pitfalls.

Whether it’s helping you develop a compelling business case with financial due diligence or ensuring the new WAN design is fit for use, Acuative’s WAN architecture and engineering experts are there to help you with robust and scalable designs.

We handle the end-to-end process of identifying, evaluating and selecting the best-in-class WAN solutions, including Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) and Distributed Network Functionality Virtualization (D- NFV), based on your requirements. We implement, monitor, and provide managed WAN services to ensure continuous optimization of your network infrastructure.



Services include:

  • Strategy & Planning - A rapid and cost effective service for understanding, generating and/or validating WAN strategy in the context of your specific business needs
  • TCO Modeling & Analysis – Modeling and comparative analysis of ownership costs of traditional vs. specific virtual WAN scenarios.
  • Application Mapping & Profiling – Dependency mapping and performance benchmarking of your critical applications and services.
  • Solution Design – Development and/or validation of your virtual WAN solution design and specification in the context of our unique requirements.
  • Technology Pilot – Turnkey virtual WAN pilots from planning and design through PoC and acceptance.
  • Implementation – providing efficient and reliable deployments to seamlessly integrate new equipment and technology into your workplace.
  • Management & Monitoring – utilizing a wide range of technical skills, management tools, industry best practices and processes that enable us to proactively view and manage the latest technologies and alleviating risk.


Part of a fully-managed service, Acuative has launched the Acu-boot device, an automated managed service re-boot device for modems, routers and switches. No configuation is required at site and includes a cloud-based management platform with easy interface. 

Acu-Boot4G / LTE for out of band management – No connection required to your LAN or WAN

Cellular network agnostic – Dynamically chooses the best carrier per location

Hands off involvement – Reduces the requirement to send an engineer to site or the local manager to get involved

Out of hours operations - Works when the location is closed or locked – controlled remotely