Donation to the Foodbank of New Jersey


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In December, Acuative ran a campaign with our customers to donate meals to the Community Foodbank of New Jersey. We were pleased to understand that the amount raised will provide nearly 20,000 meals to those most in need in the local area.

Vince Sciarra, Acuative CEO (pictured) and Patrick Danna, CFO visited the Foodbank to meet the team who were delighted to receive the donation from Acuative.

Vince and Patrick were also given a tour of the facility, where CFBNJ collect, sort and re-distribute food packages donated by local supermarkets and stores. CFBNJ rely on groups of volunteers to help with the work and Acuative plan to donate our time in the future with a volunteer day.

More than 1.2 million people facing hunger in New Jersey, including nearly 400,000 children, CFBNJ fills the emptiness caused by hunger with Food, Help and Hope.