As a global virtual network operator, Acuative is able to select the best technologies and suppliers to design and build an integrated optimal solution with a single end-to-end SLA. We are motivated to minimize the cost of network infrastructure and provide a complete network service wrap with one point of contact and a simple contractual relationship. This is all backed by Acuative’s US based Network Operations Center and our own employee field engineers, placed in strategic locations to meet our customer needs. 

Our focus is on the delivery and development of our services, with the aim is to drive down costs for our customers and align our business interests directly with those of our customers.  This approach ensures:    

  • Established Carrier Relationships - Acuative has relationships globally with major carriers and regional suppliers to source network infrastructure at wholesale prices and under strict SLAs.  This enables us to choose the most competitive carrier infrastructure and integrate this into a customer network with a single end-to-end SLA for a customer. We have 35 years of experience of working with and for the carriers.  There is no magic formula – just hard work, focus, experience and relationships.  
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership –Through our active negotiating position and spend with the carriers, Acuative ensures the lowest cost of ownership over the life of the contract. We review alternative carriers and technologies from which a customer could benefit, choosing the best service, circuit and cost for each location. Acuative has no vested interest in locking a customer in to uncompetitive carrier infrastructure, thus Acuative has a continual incentive to proactively reduce network costs through commercial and technical innovation. 
  • Greatest Service Content and Information Provision – Customers will benefit from Acuative’s absolute commitment to delivering the best customer service in the networking industry. These services range from network consulting, design and implementation to proactive management and performance reporting. 
  • Minimizing Risk - Operational, financial and technical risk will be minimized through flexibility in infrastructure selection (including carrier selection) and rigorous project management disciplines developed in the implementation of business critical networks for hundreds of customers worldwide. We negotiate operational processes with suppliers that offer us direct access to 2nd and 3rd level engineering – we don’t have to go through the 1st line like a typical customer.  This is because they realize that when Acuative calls we have already performed the triage and have pinpointed the problem.

VNO Model

VNO Model