Firewall as a Service is a firewall delivered as a cloud-based service that allows customers to partially or fully move security inspection to a cloud infrastructure.

Compared to traditional firewalls, FWaaS improves scalability, provides a unified security policy, improves visibility, and simplifies management.  These features allow an organization to spend less time on repetitive tasks such as patching and upgrades, and provides the responsive scalability to fast-changing business requirements.

Acuative's FWaaS uses advances in software and cloud technologies, to deliver a wide range of network security capabilities on-demand wherever businesses need, including URL filtering, network forensics, and infection prevention. All enterprise traffic from datacenters, branches, mobile users, and cloud infrastructure are aggregated into the cloud. This allows a comprehensive security policy to be enforced on WAN and Internet traffic, for fixed location and mobile users.


  • Scalability - rapid deployment of additional sites and changes in bandwidth requirements
  • Unified Policy - FWaaS eliminates those issues by uniformly applying the security policy on all traffic, for all locations and users.
  • Visibility - With FWaaS and SD-WAN, one logical network allows for full visibility and control.
  • Maintenance - With FWaaS, there’s no need to size, upgrade, patch, or refresh firewalls

Why Companies Need Firewall as a Service

As companies move to the cloud, adopted infrastructure and platform-as-a-service strategies, plus more company and employee-owned mobile devices on the networks, more applications and data is hosted on third-party infrastructure. Companies discover they no longer have clearly defined network perimeters.

Acuative can provide full visibility over the entire network. 

  • Aggregate all traffic from multiple sources (e.g., on-site data centers, branch offices, mobile users, cloud infrastructure) into the cloud
  • Consistently apply and enforce security policies across all locations and users
  • Gain complete visibility into and control over the networks without having to deploy physical appliances