Acuative can provide single-source solutions to help you build, monitor, manage and support your network.

Our skilled staff, proactive monitoring and management system coupled with cutting-edge technology help reduce network complexity and gain optimal performance for your business in a single or multivendor environment. Allowing your business to be more successful.

We handle the end-to-end process of identifying, evaluating and selecting the best-in-class WAN solutions, including Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) and Distributed Network Functionality Virtualization (D- NFV), based on your requirements.

Local Area Networks (LAN) play an important role in ensuring the stability and performance of all applications within the company. However, managing a large number of LAN ports and WLAN access points is expensive and time-consuming. As networks continue to grow in complexity, Acuative can deliver end-to-end managed LAN solution utilizing the latest technology.

At Acuative, we help companies deploy cloud within their digital transformation journeys to meet their business objectives and drive growth. Our experts employ a tailored, risk-mitigated cloud strategy that considers all possible deployment models, with minimal downtime. 

Complex distributed applications demand end-to-end management. Our Application Performance Management (APM) solution delivers application mapping, dynamic baselining and code-level diagnostics.

What is Managed Infrastructure?

Managed infrastructure involves entrusting the maintenance, optimization, and security of your IT environment to a specialized service provider. This encompasses a range of services including network design, installation, management, and implementation, aimed at ensuring seamless operation and reliability of your infrastructure components.

Optimized Efficiency, Unmatched Expertise

Your business deserves a digital backbone that’s both reliable and flexible, seamlessly integrating networks, security protocols, and cloud solutions to ensure optimal performance. At Acuative, our seasoned experts meticulously craft and manage your infrastructure, leveraging years of industry experience and cutting-edge technologies to drive efficiency and innovation.

Strategic Partnerships for Personalized Success

Forge ahead confidently with our strategic partnerships with leading technology providers. Together, we harness the latest advancements in WAN, LAN, SD-WAN, security, and cloud technologies, empowering your business with unparalleled reliability and scalability.

Our approach to managed infrastructure is rooted in understanding your unique needs and aspirations. Through meticulous assessment and personalized planning, we utilize our breadth of industry partnerships to design and implement bespoke infrastructure solutions that align perfectly with your business objectives, delivering tangible results and driving sustainable growth.

Seamless Implementation, Continuous Support

Experience a seamless transition to optimized infrastructure with our expert implementation services. Our dedicated team handles every aspect, from design to deployment, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. And with vigilant monitoring and proactive maintenance, we provide round-the-clock support, safeguarding your infrastructure against threats and vulnerabilities.

Transform Your Infrastructure, Transform Your Business

Managed infrastructure services from Acuative are more than just a solution – they're a catalyst for transformation. Experience the power of optimized efficiency, unmatched expertise, and unwavering support as you elevate your digital backbone with us. Contact us today and embark on a journey of unparalleled growth and success.