Acuative can help achieve the outcomes that are important to your organization. From data-driven actions, to security challenges, to your organization’s IT services monitoring, we have a team of experts to accelerate your data-to-everything journey.

  • Full Stack Observability
  • Enterprise Search
  • Guest WiFi
  • Occupancy Management
  • Wayfinding
  • Real-Time Location Tracking


Full Stack Observability


Observability brings infrastructure monitoring (ITIM), logs, application performance monitoring (APM), and SaaS monitoring together into a single platform to provide organizations with complete visibility across their customer experience, employee productivity, and digital infrastructure pillars.

Monitor traditional and modern applications to elevate end user experiences and improve application performance. Bring together data from across your tech stack and your business. 

Hybrid application monitoring
Monitor performance of traditional and hybrid applications to proactively find and resolve issues. 

Cloud-native application monitoring
Track performance of cloud-native applications across multicloud and hybrid cloud environments. So you can proactively find and prioritize issues based on business impact.

Customer digital experience monitoring
Correlate network metrics and intelligence with application performance data to quickly and easily pinpoint anything impacting your user experience.

Application dependency monitoring
Combine real-time application dependency mapping data with network data to find and fix network and service issues, based on business impact. 

Enterprise Search

Acuative and it's technology partners are helping our customers understand how they can transform their business. 
Acuative has developed hands-on experience to carry out deployment Services on customer Elastic Stack platforms including, installation, configuration, orchestration using Elastic Cloud Enterprise.

Typical Acuative engagement will consist of detailed discovery to collect the business requirements and consulting phase to determine the customer use-case. The company can also offer advanced services to assist the customers in developing high availability architecture, data modelling and query requirements for use.


Acuative provides consultancy, planning and deployment of the Elastic solutions, with our team of certified engineers.

Enterprise Search

Simplify the process of building rich search experiences for software applications of every kind, from ecommerce websites to SaaS applications to mobile apps.


Unify and contextualize your logs, metrics, and APM data for a holistic view of the state of your world — from one laptop to thousands of machines across the globe. Bring it all together at scale in a single stack so you can monitor and react to events happening anywhere in your environment.


Security combines SIEM and endpoint security to sift through terabytes of data and flexibly respond to threats in real time, whether in cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environments. 

Guest WiFi

The ultimate guest WiFi experience

Acuative will manage every step of your guest WiFi experience, from installation, customized welcome pages, to branding, promotions and advertising.

Setup is quick and everything is managed via an online portal.

wifiDeliver a high-quality WiFi connection and experience for customers

  • Create custom welcome pages
  • Promote your app and other unique offers throughout the login journey
  • Collect customer data via our captive portal

Guest WiFi features:

  • Social WiFi - Let customers connect seamlessly using their social media credentials
  • Content Filtering - Block URLs for family friendly WiFi and complete piece of mind
  • Tiered Bandwidth - Directly charge customers for WiFi access based on time, data and speed
  • Multilingual - Detect a customer’s browser language and updates to match

Audio BlogHuge amounts of money are invested to influence customer purchases across every vertical. Our latest audio blog, featuring Dean Cookson, VP of Marketing at Purple, discusses the importance of influencing their decision, pre-purchase and in real-time.




Navigate the indoors, just like the outdoors

Exceed your customer's expectations with blue dot navigation, digital maps, route planning and location-based messaging. Our wayfinding solution allows visitors to navigate complex venues quickly, creating the optimum in-venue experience. Whether that’s through a mobile app, digital kiosks, or web-based solution, visitors can find their way from A-B.

wayfinderThe solution uses BLE beacons, WiFi, phone sensors and geomagnetic positioning to accurately track a visitor’s location indoors via a ‘blue dot’. By utilizing the built-in magnetometer and other smartphone sensors, we can use the magnetic field inside buildings to pinpoint and track visitors within 3 - 5 feet. This means we can deliver turn-by-turn directions to visitors in your venue.

Guide visitors through your campus and interior buildings with turn-by-turn directions and highlighted pathways

  • Location-based alerts allow you to inform visitors about events, daily activities, special offers and promotions based on their location in your venue
  • Organize and manage your data so visitors can find relevant information about their destination and explore new points of interest within your space

Occupancy Management

Automated occupancy counting and analytics

Optimize your venue safety, comply with government guidance, increase operational efficiency, and reassure visitors with automated occupancy counting and analytics.

occupancyThrough accurately counting visitors entering and exiting a venue - and monitoring their movement throughout - businesses can optimize their venue safety, comply with government guidance, increase operational efficiency and reassure visitors; ultimately encouraging them to return and spend.

Managing venue occupancy effectively provides a huge opportunity for businesses to improve the visitor experience and reduce churn and increase revenue.

If you can display real-time occupancy data and live wait times in your venues where visitors typically dwell, you can help them make informed decisions around where they should head to get the best, and quickest service; ensuring you are able to serve as many visitors as possible in the quickest time.


Real-Time Location Tracking for Any Indoor Environment

Acuative, powered by Iiwari Tracking System provides a technology that allows you to understand the movement of assets, equipment and people in any location and truly optimize efficiency. Real-time locating system makes your business smart!

  • Get a live location for anything you need to find.
  • Truly understand how people interact with your space.
  • Get insight you need to optimize efficiency.
  • Live location data for absolutely anything you need 
  • Cost efficient and scalable solution
  • A proven and patented UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) radio technology solution
  • Unprecedented accuracy & security

The system is applicable to many industries:

  • Manufacturing and logisticsVisitor Flow
  • Smart buildings
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Sports and games
  • Amusement parks

Functional indoor positioning

Assets, people and mobile devices are tracked in real time using UWB trackers which send location data to the locators. The data is then computed into the positioning engine using advanced
& patented positioning algorithms to display the exact point on the map.

The trackers and locators are small and light, easy to carry and to install.

Location data is used to make illustrative applications to make data
interpretation as simple as possible.