We offer a complete range of network management services, allowing our clients to resolve even the most difficult network support and maintenance challenges through services tailored to their industry and individual standard operating procedures.

We focus on your network while you focus on your business.

From planning and design through post-installation network care, Acuative helps you reap the benefits of your technology investments. In today’s competitive marketplace, companies need to invest their energy into their product development, sales and customer service, not into worrying about their network. Acuative enables you to do just that by focusing on your network while you focus on your business.

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Leveraging Technology to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Innovative technology solutions are key to delivering transformative guest experiences.
As retailers and hospitality organizations seek new sources of revenue and value-added services, greater supply chain collaboration and improved utilization of vital information, they are implementing technology to enable mission-critical mobility, unified communications, store automation and in-store media, all to achieve their cross-channel vision.

Experience you can count on.
Offering a complete range of retail enterprise technology services and products designed to ease your transition to new technologies, Acuative enables retailers and restaurateurs to transform their network by utilizing a single source provider for reliable wall-to-wall support of store systems. 

Are you ready to cut costs and increase revenue?
Acuative helps you be ready for the future with flexible modular components to plan, deploy, monitor and maintain reliable voice, data, video, POS and your other technology systems. Whether you are considering changes to your stores’ network, grappling with the technical demands of opening new locations, looking to boost revenue with temporary locations, adding guest Wi-Fi or integrating digital media, Acuative can help – quickly and reliably.

Using 5G for Failover Protection

For a restaurant chain like McDonald’s, network downtime can spell disaster for business operations. With many interconnected systems handling orders, processing payments, and enabling communication across each restaurant, any disruptions can significantly hinder revenue, security, and customer satisfaction. Having a robust 5G and 4G failover solution in place helps solve these issues by automatically moving connectivity back-and-forth between wired and cellular links as needed. 

Learn more about a 5G failover protection from Acuative and Cradlepoint 


When the network goes down, business stops.

Finance and insurance institutions rely almost entirely on their networks for day-to-day operations. Acuative solutions help these companies improve service to their customers, regardless of how their service is delivered. Main Office, Remote Offices, Branch, Internet, telephone, kiosk, or ATM.

Faced with consolidation, divestitures, mergers and regulatory changes, flexibility, agility and the utmost in network security has never been more important.

Acuative understands your customers’ needs and can help roll out services to support your sales through all channels.

An SD-WAN solution provides financial services organizations with the high-speed application performance they need to compete effectively in today’s digital marketplace, combined built-in next-generation firewall functionality to maintain the integrity of transactions and back-end intellectual property.

This scalable, easy-to-manage approach provides financial services organizations with high-speed access to cloud and internet-based resources and applications, while securing those transactions that need to travel across multiple connections between branches and headquarters.

An SD-WAN solution ensures centralized control and reporting to ensure regulatory compliance, while easily deploying SD-WAN at their branch locations. This reduces the need for additional IT staff, while improving visibility and control across the entire network infrastructure.


Acuative delivers flexible, agile, and secure solutions that simplify the complexity of today’s modern healthcare industry.

We understand the unique nature of healthcare and the challenges you face, such as:

  • New HIPAA regulations
  • Threat of cyber security attacks
  • Support for remote working
  • Network maintenance
  • Support for mobile devices

We are dedicated to ensure the uptime of your critical systems, providing support for third party applications and will liaise and manage other vendors should any issues arise.

Acuative can provide consulting services and understand your specific business needs to devise a tailored solution, which will enhance your productivity, reduce budgets and help you get your work done faster.

SD-WAN plays a critical role in the Healthcare industry. It can ensure high-bandwidth connections to support real-time video and diagnostics information to pass between patients and healthcare providers. This not only enables quality healthcare to be extended to remote locations, but also ensure that patients receive the care they need without exposing them to undue health risks. And at the same time, data and transactions can be reliably secured, ensuring compliance with regulations governing the privacy of medical records and patient PII. And the efficiencies provided by SD-WAN also help ensure that these new services can be provided without the usual skyrocketing costs associated with healthcare services.

How can we help your business?

Develop, execute and optimize market-leading secure network and telecoms strategies for your organization

Do you want to drive customer retention & loyalty whilst making revenue from “free” WiFi?

Acuative can provide a monetized solution which gives free WiFi to customers, collecting valuable data and generating new revenue streams via mobile advertising

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Do you need to procure a new network, security or telecoms service?

Acuative is a market leader in network and telecoms procurement, meaning it has unrivalled capability to help you procure the network and telecoms services you require. 

technology procurement

Do you need support to implement your network services?

Acuative can support, manage and oversee the implementation of your new WAN, LAN, telephony solution, contact center, data center or mobility solution.

managed WAN 

Do you need remote & onsite maintenance of your existing network equipment?

Acuative can support third party services including Cisco Smartnet with full service administration management.

service contract administration

Do you want to reduce missed appointments?

Acuative can support digital wayfinding to avoid patients getting lost within your campus by using blue dot technology similar to Google or Apple Maps to help patients navigate around complex environments, turn by turn.


Do you need location-based analytics?

location based analytics

The indoor positioning system enables a wide range of new possibilities for analyzing customers and store processes. An indoor positioning network tracks associates, devices, shopping carts and baskets.