Video: Always Type Your Passwords


October is Information Security Month! In honor of this, Information Security Manager Arthur Fontanilla is sharing his top cybersecurity tips. With over 20 years of network security experience, Arthur is an expert in conducting security assessments and managing the information security of both private and public organizations. In this video, he discusses why you should never let your browser save your password for you.

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Hi. This is Arthur Fontanilla, Information Security Manager, with a security tip.

Never allow your web browser to remember your password for you. There are various Internet sites that require secure logins to access data. Internet browsers such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, sometimes prompt the user to remember the passwords for convenience. Please, please, resist the temptation and never allow your browser to save your password. There are various utility programs that could reveal and expose your cached passwords to malicious hackers.

In addition, if you have used the same password at other websites, all of your other online security access will be compromised. Please play it safe and take the time to enter your password instead of allowing the computer to remember it for you. Thank you very much.