Video: Avoid Email Clutter


October is Information Security Month! In honor of this, Information Security Manager Arthur Fontanilla is sharing his top cybersecurity tips. With over 20 years of network security experience, Arthur is an expert in conducting security assessments and managing the information security of both private and public organizations. In this video, he answers the question, "How can you avoid fraudulent emails?" By keeping your emails organized with rules and subfolders, Arthur says you can more effectively filter out suspicious and malicious emails.

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Hi. This is Arthur Fontanilla, Information Security Manager, with a security tip.

Organize your Outlook Mailbox Using Folders and Rules

Increase the security of your Outlook mailbox by using folders and rules. If your mailbox is cluttered with dozens of emails, you are more prone to falling victim to a fraudulent email attack due to the disorganization and clutter. To become more organized, the first step is to create subfolders based on set criteria, such as date, subject matter, or who it's coming from.

To accomplish this, first right mouse click button on your inbox and click New Folder. Type the name of the folder, and press Enter. After creating different subfolders, you could also create rules that will automatically organize your email. For example, you may want to create a rule to have all emails from a certain vendor be filed in a folder or just simply be deleted. To accomplish this, right click on a message, click Create Rule... In the Create Rule dialog box, select the conditions and actions you want to apply. To add more conditions, actions, or exceptions to the rule, click Advanced Options, and then follow the rest of the instructions to the rules wizards. Some of these actions include move to another folder, delete, forward to some other sender.

So there's a lot of options that you can take. By keeping your emails organized, you can better spot fraudulent emails that are out of the ordinary and thereby increase the overall security of your email system. Thank you very much.