Video: Be Careful Where You Tread On The Internet


October is Information Security Month! In honor of this, Information Security Manager Arthur Fontanilla is sharing his top cybersecurity tips. With over 20 years of network security experience, Arthur is an expert in conducting security assessments and managing the information security of both private and public organizations. In this video, he discusses how you can keep your personal data and your organization's data safe by following his safety guidelines.

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Hi, my name is Arthur Fontanilla, Information Security Manager, with a security tip.

Be Careful Where You Tread On The Internet

When visiting various Internet sites, you may inadvertently leave a virtual trail which leads back to your computer. Malicious hackers can use this trail to exploit common vulnerabilities, allowing them to steal personal and professional information from your computer's hard drive. Be wary of clicking yes on any dialog boxes that are presented to you on your computer monitor. Doing so may actually install cookies or malware, viruses, and worms on your computer. In other words, don't just blindly click yes just because it appears on your computer so you can get through it. Read what it says and act appropriately.

Protect Your Email Address

Many websites ask you to register to receive a free account, service or items, providing them with your email address. Websites and marketing firms on the Internet may sell your email address to disreputable business and scammers, resulting in you receiving spam or phishing emails that trick you into divulging your confidential information. Remember, when something is free - not selling you product, you are the product, and your information is the product, and they're selling it to other people. Resist the urge to give your email address out. Treat your email address as if it was your own personal phone number or home address. You wouldn't blindly give that information out to anyone. You'd be very careful.

What Could You Do to Protect Yourself?

Only visit reputable, professional related business websites. Carefully examine the sender and content of all strange, unfamiliar, suspicious emails. If in doubt, contact your Organization's Help desk and they will assist. Never register on a website or provide your email address unless it is vital to your work. Alright. What should I do if I suspect I have malware on my computer? Please immediately call your organization's Help desk with details about this suspected security issue. Thank you very much.