A SIEM system, when used to full advantage, can be the cornerstone of your cyber defense and your compliance.

Optimal SIEM results require expert skills and resources, which Acuative can provide you, reliably and cost-effectively.

Adapted to the Profile and Needs of Your Enterprise

We offer cloud-based and on-premise SIEM services. In both cases, we define SIEM rules specifically to your business requirements and IT context. These rules are also designed for the efficient filtration and identification of security threats, ensuring that Acuative engineers focus on the specific threats with the highest impact on your security.

24x7x365 Security Operations Centers

No matter where your operations are in the world, Acuative has an SOC to support them for SIEM. Our skilled security engineers track your SIEM data around the clock. Our advanced proprietary SIEM platform scales to handle any volume and rate of transmission of security incident and event data.

Security Alerts as and when Needed

In SIEM data, false positives are always a potential problem. Your Acuative team provides advanced threat detection by correlating event logs, data flows, and threat intel to identify real threats in real time. We then alert you if and only if needed, making sure your cyber security is optimized while keeping your internal time and effort to a minimum.